2021 AAF Grand Prize Winner (Advertising) Nigel Andreola!

By Stephen Letnes (CEO) | September 21, 2021

2021 AAF Grand Prize Winner (Advertising) Nigel Andreola!

AAF celebrates composer Nigel Andreola (U.S.A.) for winning the grand prize in the 'Advertising' category in the 2nd annual AAF Music Contest for composers and musicians with disabilities.

Nigel understands the musical elements required to create a smart and catchy commercially-viable track that advertisers will love to license.

Listen to Nigel's winning track, "Pony Express:



Nigel Andreola's Biography


Nigel Andreola’s love of music started before he was born. When his mother was pregnant with him, she read an article that claimed that you can develop your child's appreciation for music in the womb. She listened to hours and hours of the world's most beautiful music. Growing up, he and his sisters listened to The Classical Kids Collection and a large eclectic selection of music from around the world. Nigel’s dad took his family to live performances. Part of his weekly homeschool schedule included a visit from a friendly neighborhood music professor who would walk down a wooded lane to give Nigel piano lessons. Yet this wise teacher went well beyond how to play and read music, he introduced him to history and theory, and inspired and encouraged Nigel to compose his own pieces. Along with his assigned pieces, Nigel was allowed to perform his own compositions in recital. Some of those pieces are included in Nigel's The Friendly Album.


In college, Nigel studied graphic and web design, earning student of the year and other awards. He played keyboard for church worship services and had fun recording his compositions on a digital piano. He loved to play piano and improvise. He did it every day, until. . . just before finishing college, he had a surgery that led to a pain disorder in his hands, wrists, and feet. No longer was he able to play the piano.
Physical therapy, treatments and medication didn’t help. He took a different approach. Quitting all medication, he spent years slowly building his strength with a self-prescribed physical routine. He has seen enough improvement to play the piano for limited durations and work on a computer using an art tablet. Disability obliged him to pursue home-based career options and gave him time to focus on what he enjoys most; developing his music composition and illustration abilities. He now works freelance for Starry Night Media, LLC - a small family business set up to showcase his creative services.


His music can be found on his family record label’s web page here: http://starrynightmelodies.com

His family business website (his portfolio): https://starrynightmedia.com/

Follow Nigel Andreola on his socials:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NigelAndreola

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nigelandreola/

His YouTube channel with exclusive content:


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