AAF celebrates working with Apple TV+ and their show, “SEE”

By Stephen Letnes (CEO) | September 23, 2021

AAF celebrates working with Apple TV+ and their show, “SEE”

AAF celebrates working with Apple TV+ and their show, “SEE”, to find the amazing violinist Ingrid Ogren to record music for Season 2!
"SEE" (starring Jason Momoa) casts blind/low vision actors and crew. Ingrid, who is visually impaired, did a wonderful job and fans will get to hear her talent in the latest season of "SEE"!

Images courtesy of Apple. Band image courtesy of Jon Swanso.


Ingrid was raised in the eccentric and vibrant little town of Winona, MN located on a sleepy bend of The Great Mississippi river in Southeastern Minnesota. The child of a jazz/blues musician and fiber artist, the doorway to music was opened to her early. She began classical violin lessons at the age of 5 and grew in the direction of rock, improvisation, and original composition after the age of 18.
Ingrid's current project is a home-grown 4-piece rock band called, 'Ghostland Radio'. In fact, they will be performing in Minneapolis at Part Wolf, November 11, 2021 at 8pm should you want to come and rock out.
Ingrid was diagnosed with progressive retinopathy and cone dystrophy in 2016, and as she has learned to navigate her new world of low vision disability, music has continued to be a tool of healing, income, and release. Until last month, she had never heard of Able Artist Foundation or Stephen Letnes. But through serendipity, a new world of opportunity and friendship has been thrown open. Ingrid is so grateful to be here today and for the realization that not only is she not alone... she is a part of something - something strong and beautiful: a community of able artists.

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