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Who is responsible for the Able Artist Foundation?

Able Artist Foundation, or AAF, was created by film composer and SESAC recording artist, Stephen Letnes. AAF serves creative people with disabilities who are on fixed incomes. Our mission is two-fold: provide music development, education and mentorship to a select number of talented individuals through our artist-development training series of classes twice a year. And, to our members et al, grant access to purchase software products and services at substantial savings (50%-off 'scholarships') that are provided by our generous partners.

Why? When Stephen first entered into the film industry, he was on 'disability'; this is because Stephen is legally blind (Retinitis Pigmentosa and Macular Degeneration) and the tools needed to learn, create and publish music were cost-prohibitive. "When I started out, I was living in a friend's unfinished basement and functioning on a few hundred dollars a month. It took me months to save up $200 for my first sample library, EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra: Silver. It was the best cheap software I could manage to buy that still sounded decent."

It can take a very long time to acquire professional tools. What if we could give people their time back? AAF stretches a member's dollar and grants equal access to the same tools that others have. Our members still have to learn how to use the tools and explore their creativity and develop marketable skills. Our members still have to do the work. AAF believes in equal access; the rest is up to them. That's why our motto is, "We meet you halfway".

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