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For Members
  1. How do I become a Member?

    Fill out our registration and provide a copy of your SSI or SSDI letter along with a copy of your state I.D.

    We will review your registration and documents and get back to you once we have verified your status as a person with a disability on a fixed income.

  2. How much is the membership?

    The membership is free. We understand that the people we serve have a very tight budget; we won't be chipping away at it. We focus on supporting you. You focus on your art.

  3. Why do I need a membership?

    So you can obtain a member I.D. number. By creating a number for each client, it makes things easier for our generous partners to identify you to quickly and easily provide the product or service you are after.

  4. Is it a lifetime membership?

    No. Once a year, each member must reapply to Able Artist Foundation with their new federal award letter and current state I.D.

  5. Able Artist Foundation asks me for my Federal Letter and my state I.D.; Is this legal?


    Our service is voluntary. You choose to submit these papers of your own free will (as stated in our Terms and Conditions'). As our foundation aims to serve a particular set of people - those with disabilities on fixed incomes - we are justified in our methods in order to identify and verify that you are who you say you are. Plus, we are asking for less information than many foundations, organizations, charities and governmental programs would ask for.

  6. What do you do with my submitted documents once I am verified?

    Once you are verified, we erase them. There is no reason for us to keep them.

For Partners
  1. What are the Partner requirements to be listed on Able Artist Foundation?

    All Able Artist Foundation Partners are to provide across-the-board 50% discounts on all software products and services. There are no exceptions. This includes new products, bundles, time-related services, etc. AAF's goal is to provide a consistent buying experience. A 50% discount is something our members can count on at all times. Remember: 50% only applies to retail / MSRP pricing. We want to protect you and your generosity as well. Although, nothing is to stop you from offering steeper discounts, but all companies must provide a minimum 50% discount.

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