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When you become a member of Able Artist Foundation, you gain access to thousands of music and other art-related products from our ever-growing consortium of corporate partners.

These partners support AAF's mission of leveling the 'creative professional' playing field for people with disabilities and granting easier access to cost-prohibitive industry tools to our members by providing 50%-off discounts on nearly every product that they make.

Not only do our members get half-off thousands of products, but our members receive this benefit for as long as they are an active member of AAF. No sales. No,"Hurry up and buy now!" pressure.

To become a member, you must be between the ages of 18 and 65 and currently receive SSI,SSDI or are a veteran receiving VA Disability Compensation. Individuals from the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are also eligible to become an AAF member (provided you currently receive PIP, DLA, etc.).

How do I become a member?

Click the registration button below to start the process.

To learn more about becoming an AAF Member, please visit our Our FAQ Page or Contact Us with your questions.

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