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Why your company should partner with Able Artist Foundation.

Vendors provide a consistent 50%-off discount from the retail price (not off sale prices. Taxes, fees, VAT and shipping are not included), on all software products and services to verified persons with disabilities (PWDs) on fixed incomes (SSI / SSDI).

Able Artist Foundation verifies (via submitted state and federal paperwork) that PWDs are disabled and on fixed incomes.

An AAF membership ID# is created for each new able artist

The vendor can check that ID# through the Able Artist Foundation website

Able Artists must re-apply once a year (This measure ensures that their status as a PWD on a fixed income is current).

Additional Points To Consider:

Vendors receive repeated email requests from unverified low-income individuals asking for discounts. Send them through us. We solve this challenge for you. Let AbleArtist be your bouncer.

Vendors will be able to reach new clients/markets that otherwise might not have considered their products as affordable /obtainable. (60 million Americans have a disability. 17 million Americans receive SSI or SSDI.)

Possible tax deductions (we are 501C3-pending).

Being a vendor for Able Artist Foundation will make you look even better than you already are.


We ask that vendors commit to Able Artist Foundation through the calendar year. (Everyone, members and vendors must re-up each year.)

Beginning in 2019, as consistency and reliability is important for our members, if a vendor chooses to drop from Able Artist Foundation, they cannot return. (2018 is our 'beta' year.)

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